Breath and Bliss Yoga Retreat in Tenerife


Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat to reconnect and recharge your energy
in a seafront Finca located in South Tenerife:


28th April to 4th May 2023 



At our Retreats, we aspire to offer you the ultimate gateway experience, sharing our love for yoga and mindfulness. We work passionately to create a magical atmosphere where you can focus on yourself and your personal growth.

We have designed different activities perfect to relax, disconnect from the routine, and focus on yourself.

The finca Delicias, surrounded by banana plantation, ocean views and breathtaking sunsets along with a healthy diet, will help you to detox and improve your wellbeing. Our retreats are guided by renowned, professional teachers. Their mission will be to assist you in getting the most out of this experience, with a close and personal approach.

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Breath Yoga Retreat Tenerife Breath Yoga Retreat Tenerife




We live in a world full of stimuli: screens, sounds, images, experiences, people? And the number of these stimuli is growing all the time. Every year you have more Whatsapps groups, you want to go to more places, live better and more exciting experiences, develop more skills, make succulent meals or be the most informed person in the world.

Without realizing it, we are accustoming our mind and body to a state of constant hyperstimulation, to a rollercoaster of emotions, to degrees of dispersion of attention and perhaps, at times, modern life overwhelms us with all that today’s world has to offer.

To reflect on the stress of today’s society, to find areas for improvement, to learn useful techniques for everyday life and to find common ground is the aim of “Disconnection in times of HyperConnection”.

  • So, how do we manage to disconnect in today’s world? 
  • How do we manage to disconnect in this hyper-stimulated world?
  • Can we learn to meditate in the age of constant entertainment?
  • How do we achieve serenity in times of hyperactivity?  

Join us and disconnect from your routine and bad habits by connecting with the nature that surrounds you and with yourself. 

Through the practice of yoga, healing sounds, massages and workshops, you will not only reduce stress and anxiety, but also learn to free your mind from social pressure and experience the act of “being here and now”.

Breath Yoga Retreat Schedule

Friday 28 April

15:00 Check- in
16:00 Snacks
17:00 Welcome ceremony & intro Activity
19:00 Guided Meditation & Yoga Nidra
20:00 Dinner

Saturday 29 April

8:00 Pranayama
8:30 Sunrise Yoga (Marta)
9:30 Breakfast
10:00 Connection in time of Hyperconnection workshop
13:00 Lunch
18:00  Cacao ceremony
19:00 Ecstatic Dance or Kirtan
21:00 Dinner

Sunday 30 April

8:00 Pranayama
8:30 Vinyasa flow – (Sara)
9:30 Breakfast
12:00 Massage (Marta)
13:30 Lunch
18:00 Sound Healing (Noel)
20:00 Dinner

Monday 1 May

8:00 Pran yama
8:30 Vinyasa Yoga (Sara)
9:30 Breakfast
11:00 Candle workshop
13:30 Lunch
17:30 Alain (Chi-Kung)
20:00 Dinner

Tuesday 2 May

8:00 Pranayama
8:30 Slow Flow Yoga (Marta)
9:30 Breakfast
0:00 Mindfulness session
13:30 Lunch
19:00 Ale (Sound Healing)
20:00 Dinner

Wednesday 3 May

8:00 Pranayama
8:30 Vinyasa Yoga (Sara)
9:30 Breakfast
12:00 Self practice
13:30 Lunch
19:00 Sunset Yin Yoga (Sara)
20:00 Dinner

Thursday 4 May

8:00 Pranayama
8:30 Couple Yoga (Marta)
9:30 Breakfast
11:00 Conscious walk & detox swim
13:30 Lunch
16:00 Closing circle

Breath Yoga Retreat Tenerife-1 


Yoga gives you all the tools to improve your quality of life and have a better understanding of your reality.

Yoga is about a mental and physical practice that allows you to connect body,mind and soul through breathing.

Yogasanas, the physical practice of yoga, helps you to improves strength, balance and flexibility. But Yoga is more than physical practices; a yogic lifestyle involves shifting our attitudes, habits, diets, thoughts and general ways of life to be more congruent with the philosophies and ethics of yoga. This lifestyle will lead you towards a place of equanimity and inner peace, therefore to a fulfilled life of freedom, joy and love.

We will practice some of the yoga styles from the most dynamic ones like Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga to the most relaxing and passive ones like Yin Yoga and meditation. Each session involves concentration, pranayama (breathwork), asanas (physical postures), and relaxation. All yoga sessions are of various levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, as we offer variations of each pose. Classes are in English and Spanish.



Experience the power of sound through Harmonic Singing, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Quartz Singing Bowls, Native American Flutes, Shruti Box, Shamanic Drum, Monochord, Indian Tampura, Rav Vast Drum, chamanic drums, and harmonic sounds among more Ancestral Instruments to connect with your heart.

It is a therapeutic and meditative experience in which you “bathe” in the sounds and vibrations produced by different instruments such as Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drums and others.
The vibrational energy of sound is a gateway to our wellbeing, increasing our connection, aligning the chakras, regenerating cells and organs, reducing stress, reaching a state of complete relaxation of body and mind. It improves the quality of life


Thai Yoga Massage is very similar to the well-known Thai Massage. The key difference is that it focuses on yoga-like stretches. The yoga-therapist aims to relax muscles, increase flexibility and reduce stress. We are conditioned to think of massage as just a relaxing activity.

However, this type of massage draws from Ayurvedic medical practices and while the palpation and stretching of muscles relax, the actual goal of Thai yoga massage is to open up the flow of energy throughout the body. Unblocking channels stimulate uninhibited movement through your circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems. A Thai yoga massage should leave your internal systems attuned and working together.



It is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical exercise, breath control and mental training. 

Qigong is a meditation and healing practice that has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Benefits of qigong include lowered stress and anxiety, increased focus, and improved balance and flexibility. It may even reduce your risk of certain chronic diseases.

Chi Kung is slowly methodical, flows from one movement to another, and can be easily practiced by nearly anyone. On the other hand, Yoga tends to be moderate to fast-paced, includes strong movements that are held for a period of time and requires a certain amount of athleticism.


In this workshop you will get hands on and learn the basics of candle making. You will learn the basics on blending essential oils and have fun creating your very own custom scented candle.  At the end of the workshop the new candles will be used for Tratak.

Tratak is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to see or gaze’. It is one of the practices of meditation performed gazing at a certain object. Generally, it is practiced by looking at the flame of a candle. It is a very effective practice to develop the concentration and focus power of the mind. Tratak Meditation improves your awareness, concentration, focus and it is a great stress reliever. This practice will assist you to feel more balanced emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


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The Food 

Three full delicious meals are included, perfect designed to tailored with the Retreat Schedule.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks.

Breath Yoga Retreat Tenerife-Food 

Ingredients are handpicked from our local farmer partners and cooked by our wonderful chef.
The food we serve is vegetarian/vegan.

*Please, send us a message if you need other diet options, gluten-free, dairy or any allergy.


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The Retreat Center and Accommodation

The Finca is located in Alcalá, in the south of Tenerife, the sunniest place in Tenerife. It is surrounded by an active banana plantation and only a few metres from a natural rock pool and the beach of La Jaquita. A dream place to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the world.

The Seafront Finca overlooks the island of La Gomera, La Palma and the breathtaking sunsets.

Casa Rural Finca Las Delicias has been renovated maintaining the essence of the place and the local architecture, but decorated in a way that meets the needs and comfort of any modern traveller. 

Our Retreat will be accommodated in 3 beautiful Cottages fully furnished and equipped with a large communal lounge and laundry.

Casa Rural – La Pequeña Enana (2pax)

It is located in the oldest building of our Finca. Its distribution includes a double bedroom, a complete bathroom and a loft-style kitchen unified with the living-dining room.

Price: €900/ pax

Casa Rural – Johnson (4pax)

It has two bedrooms, two terraces (one of them private), two complete bathrooms, a TV room, living room and a fully equipped kitchen for an accommodation where exclusivity, comfort and rest are guaranteed.

Price: 890€/ pax

Casa Rural – La Canaria (4pax)

It has two terraces, one of them private, both with views of our banana plantation and the marvellous sunsets where we can contemplate the island of La Gomera and La Palma. Two double bedrooms, a hall, a toilet, a complete bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living room.

Price: 840€/pax


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The Island of Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands, also known as the Fortunate Isles. Why? Its springlike climate, its volcanic scenery, its relaxing beaches, its restaurants where haute cuisine and tradition meet, and its many special places to stay always bring a smile to the faces of its visitors.

The south of the island is perfect for enjoying the warm weather on the beaches along practically the entire coastline. You can spend days just relaxing on Las Vistas beach, on Costa del Silencio, or by the imposing cliffs of Los Gigantes. Luxury hotels and boutiques cluster around the Costa de Adeje, where you can alternate time on the beach with a little shopping. You can also enjoy the sea in the north of the island in highly recommended spots like the beaches of Puerto de la Cruz or the famous seawater pools of Lagos Martiánez.

Nature and culture to discover

Nature is one of the major attractions of Tenerife. The volcanic origins of the island produce unique landscapes that you can discover among the rural charms of the north of the island, with a route to see volcanoes or a tour of Teide National Park (a World Heritage site). La Orotava valley, the rural areas of El Palmar, and Teno Alto are tranquil places to enjoy nature. The Teide is Spain’s highest mountain, and you can go to the top of it in a cable car or sleep at its foot if you stay in the Parador de las Cañadas del Teide. Watching a sunset from one of the viewing points of the national park, or spending a few hours stargazing, are wonderful ways to relax in nature. 

Not many people have discovered the culture of Tenerife. Most of the notable architecture is concentrated in San Cristóbal de La Laguna and Santa Cruz. San Cristóbal de La Laguna is a quiet town, a pleasure to explore as you stroll around the pedestrianised centre, with historic buildings in a characteristic colonial style. There are free guided tours of its squares, mansions and monuments, which have earned it World Heritage status. Santa Cruz is the island’s capital. As well as its wide range of shops, we recommend visiting Plaza de España, García Sanabria Park, the market of Nuestra Señora de África, the modern auditorium and the TEA art centre.


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