Virtual Christmas parties take place with the aid of web conferencing software, very popular nowdays like Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.

This year celebrate the same but different: Virtual Corporate Christmas or Holiday Party

Corporate Christmas or Holiday parties will be going virtual this year. This year it is being very different, with everyone working from home and it will be important for employers to reward the hard work that has been put in by all the staff.
Going virtual with your Holiday party will give Companies a chance to reconnect and celebrate remotely with all the staff in the comfort and safety of their own homes.
Here we give you a few tips on How to organize

1. Choose a Date and Set up the technology to use

The location, as it will be online, is no longer an issue, so the effort goes now to the date, time, and the technology you are going to use.
We recommend you suggest your staff a couple of dates in December and stick with the most popular. Normally, Friday afternoon in December would be the best option, as is less likely to conflict with any other plans people may have.

The Technology you will use must be reliable to host a large group of people, if that is the case, so we recommend going for the one you all usually use, everyone is familiar with and will make the event go smoothly. (Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams)

Order your Corporate Christmas Hampers

2. Send Christmas Hampers in advance to your Staff.

This is the year to start if you still have not done it. Sending a  Corporate Christmas Hamper is a way to reward your staff, greet the Holidays, and include any card with a message you want and maybe with less budget than the one you had for the Christmas Party.
Besides, it will be a way to engage in your virtual Christmas party.

Christmas Hampers are a win, especially this year. It is a way to reward your staff. They have a great selection of Wine, Cava, foods, snacks, and treats that will fit in with the festive theme.
We provide a great selection of Christmas Hampers with delicatessen products from Spain that will delight all the attendees. Besides, we will donate 1€ per Hamper to these two fantastic Irish Charities: Down Syndrome Ireland and Aoibheann’s Pink Tie “National Children’s Cancer Charity”.

Spanish Corporate Christmas Hampers

3. Organize a fun activity: Virtual Karaoke

Do you consider your team a rowdy bunch, unafraid of having an uncontrollably good time, even if it means suffering from mild embarrassment? If answered ‘yes’, you’ll love virtual karaoke.

There is an easy way to do this. Get onto YouTube and find a karaoke list you may find fun, it could be either Christmas Carrolls or any other music. Use online software like Watch, which will act as your very own karaoke machine. Beware, however, the novelty can quickly wear off when sat in front of a computer screen with all eyes on you. So keep it short, snappy, and exciting by only singing the first verse and chorus. Then move onto the next performer. You might not discover the new Pavarotti, but you’re guaranteed to have a few belly laughs!

4. Secret Santa Online

One of the stellar moments of the Virtual Christmas Party will be Secret Santa Exchange. And maybe you are wondering how to do it this year, here is an idea:

  • Set the budget as usual.
  • Draw names with an online tool like Elfster or Giftster.
  • Mail gifts to recipients. This year,  Since you cannot slip gifts under a communal tree, your team will have to ship presents to each other. But you may say, “Won’t the return address labels take the secret out of Secret Santa?” You are right, and the easiest way to fix this problem is to instruct all gifters to use the organizer’s address on the return label. This way, the organizer can resend any returned gifts and the mystery remains intact.
  • Exchange gifts during the Virtual Christmas Party.

5. Encourage people to dress up

Corporate Christmas or Holiday parties are fun events where everyone can dress up and celebrate. Being remote shouldn’t change this.
This year especially, that we all have been working from home, will love to have a reason to put on fancy clothes.

6. Set a Start and Endpoint

Try to give your virtual festivities a time cap. You want to keep your employees as engaged as possible, but this won’t happen on a long call.
So, when you send out the event invitations, set a clear start and endpoint, short and sweet.

7. Enjoy and have fun

At Virtual Christmas Parties, remote employees socialize and get to know other coworkers and celebrate the holiday with fun online activities.
Whatever you decide to plan for your Virtual Christmas or Holiday Party, make sure it is inclusive, relaxed and fun.

Happy Holidays everyone!