Dublin City is a vibrant city full of energy, culture and excitement

Originally a small Viking settlement (its name comes from “Dubh Linn” meaning dark pool), and then, for many years, a British stronghold, Dublin has once more undergone a complete metamorphosis and is now one of Europe´s hottest capitals.

A quick look around will confirm how this once insular, monocultural city has transformed itself into a fantastic destination for tourists, students, writers, and musicians.
Immigration has brought people from every destination imaginable to live and work in Dublin, giving the city a decidedly cosmopolitan air. Thousands more flood the capital at weekends for literary festivals, sporting events, bridal and grooms’ parties, or simply to experience the 1.000 or so pubs sprinkled liberally throughout the city.


Dublin is literature, Dublin is history and Dublin is friendly, but this city isn’t just for visiting, it’s for experiencing.
Immerse yourself in the fair city by joining the locals on a bridge with two centuries of stories behind it, or lose yourself antique hunting within the walls of a Georgian townhouse. Keen on castles? Dublin has a black pool, a secret garden and crown jewels – let your imagination run wild among the nooks and crannies of this historic pile.

Dublin is ancient, Dublin is unique, and Dublin is special. Savor it, and be inspired.

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