Christmas is approaching and many companies are already starting to order Christmas Hampers for their employees and loyal customers.
But do you know what is the origin of the Christmas Hampers?

Where does the idea of Christmas Hampers come from?

1. The Origin of Christmas Hampers

The origin of the Christmas Hampers goes back several centuries to the Roman Empire. The Romans were the first to start giving out small gifts at Christmas. The tradition was known as “sportula” and consisted of giving baskets with food to the workers by the employer. This food was for personal enjoyment and was given out during the “salutatio matutina” in which the workers went to the employer’s house and were given the basket.

The sportula was quite similar to what we know today as Hampers or Baskets. It was made of wicker and contained products such as dried figs, laurel, and other foods. The meaning, however, is different from that of today. The sportula was given in December on the occasion of the pagan festival Saturnalia and was understood as an offering to the god Saturn. 

2. The tradition of Christmas Hampers in Spain

In Spain, this tradition started at the end of the 19th century. Before the festivities started, employees of public bodies were given Christmas Hampers full of Christmas products. Soon it became widespread and the private companies adopted this tradition as well.

Nowadays this tradition has spread to the majority of companies in Spain, and in December, all employees receive a Hamper with delicious products to enjoy with family and friends during the Christmas festivities.

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3. Reward your team with a Christmas Hamper and collaborate with Irish Charities

Employees are the most important asset in a company and this year, with everyone working from home, it is been a bit different, so why not reward them with a Christmas Hamper full of delicious products from Spain for personal and family enjoyment.
Also, It is important to give back to the most in need, especially in challenging times like this.
We will donate 1€ for each Hamper to these two Irish Charities: Down Syndrome Ireland and Aoibheann’s Pink Tie “National Children’s Cancer Charity”.
We are all in this together and you will be part of something very rewarding too.

4. Virtual Christmas Party and Tasting of Spanish Christmas Hampers.

This year, the Corporate Christmas Parties may be done a little differently.
Why not organize and plan a Virtual Christmas Party?
Send a Corporate Christmas Hamper to reward and engage your employees and clients and plan a tasting party with them.
Be creative! Organize and plan a Fun virtual Christmas party to taste some of the delicious products from the Christmas Hamper, all together.

Enjoy! 🎁